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If I have to go...

I will be thinking of your love!

7/20/08 09:11 pm - hello god

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they posses inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be

12/19/07 10:38 pm - don't walk away

I can't stop listening to Joy Division.

P.S Art Brut were fantastic.

12/17/07 12:28 pm - never gunna be easy

12/5/07 07:56 pm - :(

cant there be 5 extra hours at night?

11/9/07 01:29 pm - womans needs? australolia

Is it lame that I think Australolia is a funny word? Also, I'm thinking about going and getting a coke, but I'm also feeling quite lazy and we're going out tonight, WAH.

11/1/07 05:56 pm - poop

poop, we can poo into each others bottoms back and fourth forever.

i'm in the apple store pigs, on regent st, do you love it?


10/29/07 12:21 pm - take me to another place

On Saturday night we saw Bloc Party at the Roundhouse, afterwards we went to a gay bar and did countless shots of white chocolate flavored vodka. Gate crashed a private Halloween party and stole pumpkins, met the devil and saw Little Bow-Beep, the devil said her sheep were lost and he knew exactly where she could find them.

Sunday, we slept until 2pm. Then Ali and I went to a greek restaurant and saw Bat For Lashes at KoKo. I was anxious and extremely hungover, but the weekend was essentially perfect.

Tonight I'm going to see Macbeth with Patrick Stewart, but don't worry it's not Star Trek based, although I did briefly believe that.

Did you know New York Charlie smells? Mark said this anyway, he only bathes like twice a week. Kris's hair looks very nice today.

10/27/07 12:12 pm - put cha handz on yer waist line...

I'm on the internet, last night we went to a Halloween event at the VMA, amazing. Harry-fookin-Potter getz arrested for prac'n the dark artz, wat a fooking crock.

10/26/07 02:37 pm - b00


10/25/07 07:53 pm - with an angel tattoo sinking beneath her belt

Why can't life be like a fairy tale, it makes sense to me if it is. In a fishing boat she thought she saw the shadow of God. I'm smoking to much, but I still want another one.

Sarah I want to be like you, you know sometimes I want to live like you, so I know how it feels not to feel.
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